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Bien Vendios

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Summer vacations, staying in motels across the country, fighting with siblings over ...... well, everything.  It was uninterrupted, quality family time.  At a certain age (usually around the teen years), trips like this seemed so lame.  And you'd wonder what the rest of your cool friends were doing while you were stuck for hours in the back seat of the car, tuning out your family with your walkman and a cassette tape of Madonna playing over and over again.  

It's funny how time puts memories like this into another nostalgic category in the mind.  As you get older, you actually look at these trips as some of the funniest and best days.  And you can't wait to pack up the car and the hit the road with your own kids.   

FinishedFramed Sizes are:

  •   8"x12" Print  |  18.5"x13.5"
  • 11"x14" Print  |  21.5"x16.5"
  • 16"x24" Print  |  32.5"x23.5"
  • 30"x20" Print  |  37"x27.5"
  • framed art prints are custom fitted using handcrafted wood, high end UV protective acrylic, a custom kraft protective backing, & premium hanging hardware.  It all comes together to create a very nice piece of artwork.  OO LA LA!