Laura & Sylvain & the French Meet West

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Laura & Sylvain live and work in LA but have a loyal love for Marfa and that west Texas obscure openness.  They wanted to share this place and all it's simplicity with their friends and family, especially the ones who were coming all the way from France (to what they lovingly referred to as "ghost town").  But we don't have to speak French to know that Chef Shawn Adams at Marfa Meat Co. delivered and incredibly eventful dinner and that the dance floor was happening all night long.  This group knows how to live it up and embrace this little big town.  

All the beautiful styling and coordination was made possible by Lizzy & crew at Magic Hour Marfa.  Lovely florals by Floriography  :: Cake by Katy Rose Elsasser :: Lighting and Sound by Gory at  Marfa Recording CO.  The Chinati Foundation  and Donald Judd (Brendan's man crush) for his inspiration and his love of land and nature.

And of course, the great folks at El Cosmico | The Bright Building    

Thank you to everyone who made it all "magically" happen.  And especially to Laura & Sylvain for this wonderful experience.