Jessica & Kohn & THRILL RIDES!

We will find you next year fried Nutella booth ..... next year.....


Dallas engagements at the State Fair of Texas are a BLAST!  We really, really, really love doing them at the fair or carnivals or anywhere with thrill rides.  Wedding Photographers, Nine Photography, make it a mission to have fun with engagement photos.  Like super fun.  "And if clients are up for it, then, well, WE'RE up for it!" - Nine Photography

Documenting the fun times of being engaged is just a part of it.  It's the lead in to the big day, where we get to capture true and honest moments on the wedding day.  Surrounded by friends and family who are so excited to be there to celebrate with you is truly beautiful.  It's the sincere moments that mean to most to clients.  It's what means the most to us too.  We want clients to feel comfortable on their big day and to be themselves and mostly to be utterly, totally in love.  But until the big day, if you want to go hang out, grab some corny dogs and funnel cakes for your engagements, then let's do it.  Wedding Photographers Dallas, Wedding Photography - Nine Photography