Angelica & Trevor

Couples who rock together, stay together.  - David Bowie (might or might now have said this)  Keep on rockin' Coifoids!  

Mucho thanks to Angelic for planning her wedding 3 TIMES because of the crazy weather.  To We+YOU for the beautiful florals and decor.  Cakewalk Bakery for the DELISH cakes!  And to Chinatown Band for keeping the party going all night long.  (insert electric guitar solo here)


Alyssa & Tim's Retro Pool Time Party

We say this to clients all the time, "infuse your personality into your wedding.  be original and true to yourselves and by all means, have fun.".  Wedding planning can get stressful at times.  We get that.  So it's important to keep it all in perspective and to remember why this is all happening in the first place........ L.O.V.E.  Good ol' love.  You remember, the thing that makes you giddy and excited to be marrying your soul mate.  Every relationship is so unique.  Don't just follow what you see on Pinterest, be your own couple and do what makes you happy.  (example A: The fabulous Alyssa & Tim above) Instead of an engagement session, make it a YOU + Friends session.  Pick a theme, invite your wedding party to have some fun, and then take them out to afterwards for a "HEY THANKS FOR BEING IN MY WEDDING PAR-TAY!" dinner.  Call us.  We'll brain storm all day about this stuff.  

We're asked a lot by newly engaged couples what makes for the best wedding pictures.  And it's so simple.  HAVE FUN!  ENJOY YOURSELVES!  Let the stresses of wedding planning go, and on the big day, it will be your time to throw your hands in the air and just go down the slide!  

Much joy to all of you who are starting your wedding planning journey!  Have a blast!